Business Lists

DataStormerss provides comprehensive business matching B2B lists. With the variety of business information, you can define and target your email marketing, direct mail, telemarketing and direct sales efforts. You can target key executives from any industries like IT, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering, Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses etc and we will build the list according to our target industry.

You can target any industry and we will build a list includes key decision makers perfectly matching to your targeted industry.

Given below some of the Industries

Government Legal Services
Information Technology (IT) Financial Services
Mining Healthcare Services
Agriculture Social Services
Forestry Education
Fishing Recruiting
Construction Telecommunication
Communications Manufacturing
Electric Transportation
GAS Wholesale
Business Services Real Estate
Pharmaceutical Retail

Additional selections available for targeting the most effective business list for your needs include:
  • The specific types of businesses you want to reach.
  • The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Codes for each type of business in your target market.
  • The annual sales volume of each company on your list.
  • The specific geographical area (i.e. zip code, county, state) you request.
  • The option of specifying Headquarters, Branches, Single site or all types of locations.

By targeting business lists to your specific needs, you save precious time prospecting.